Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Highland Park & the Making of Community

York Blvd is coming up..

In a couple blocks span, we got Johnny's Bar, The York, Posession Vintage, Wombleton Records, Kingdom Creations, Future Music and of course Cafe De Leche amongst so many other awesome shops that have been there throughout the years. (Not to mention all the new businesses that are coming soon).

El Social in it's attempt to CREATE COMMUNITY, would like to invite you to come out and explore this throw back corner of L.A. and indulge in local shopping and bar bouncing. El Social is every thursday at Hermosillo Club.. Here's this weeks flya:
Be sure to say what up to Gingee on her facebook click on that "like" button for her and El Social because it's all about community effort. #nocorporatebullshit

Tuesday, November 8, 2011