Thursday, December 2, 2010

1.Are you a bitch? 2.Do you drink alcohol?

The latter isn't as crucial. As long as you're willing and ready to hold a drink in your hand, and are a bitch, you qualify.

What exactly is it that we're talking about? We'll get to that in a bit. You see, a hip-hop duo on their way to fame and fortune has [we're shooting a video for b.w.a.] a freedom like none it will ever again savour. Once tainted by the likes of mass media, blood thirsty corporate scum, and of course, money, Icy Lytes will live heavily scrutinized and forced to think twice the next time we want to start a blog with a title like this one.

In the mean time, FUCK IT.

B.W.A.'s: Get lit, it's time to be in a video.

Footage for our BWA music video will be shot in our next few shows,  so if you've always wanted to tell your future grand kids that you we're once a jiggy ass hoochie in a music vid, now is your chance.

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