Thursday, March 3, 2011


L.A. is infested with rivalries.. Bloods vs Crips. Hoes vs Strippers. Crack vs Coke. Pepsi vs Coke. Sheen vs  Crack vs Coke. Etc..

Out here you wouldn't last a day on your own. A posse is a must.

So this year, it is in our upmost interest to expand our tribe, and combine efforts in creating the forever transcendent  sounds of our cities present.  We aim to tear down the walls that divide us, and exploit the arts that unite us.

CREATE>HATE  ..ya dig?

Moving on.. we met VerBS a couple years ago at a show out on his turf Culver City. He is, tha shit. Check him out, look him up. Go to his night in Leimert Park called BANANAS.

Here's a song we just finished up with him.

DOOM ft. VerBS by icy lytes
Better run for cover..

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